Actions speak louder than words

Greater Strides hockey camps in Prince George, B.C. and Spruce Grove, A.B. create leadership and life skills development opportunities for Aboriginal student athletes

Education & training fund

Northern Gateway offers a $1.5 million fund for education and training to help aboriginal communities win employment and contracts related to the proposed pipeline.

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Inspirational First Nation

A four-part series on the inspirational transformation of the Birdtail Sioux First Nation

Aboriginal Engagement

Northern Gateway is more than an important infrastructure project for the energy industry ... it's an opportunity for Aboriginals and industry to be partners in an important project and it can be a means of building relationships. It is our hope and our objective that the project bring real and compelling benefits to these communities.

Northern Gateway has used the community input we have received from consultation efforts that began in 2002 to develop a package of economic benefits for the Aboriginal communities along the route. We’ve looked at finding ways of engaging First Nations and Métis communities irrespective of their current level of experience with pipelines and the industry. 

Benefits for Aboriginals

Benefits for Aboriginals

Enbridge Northern Gateway intends to create partnerships with Aboriginal people


Aboriginal engagement

Northern Gateway has undertaken an ambitious engagement process with Aboriginal communities

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Aboriginal partners

Sharing in the benefits of the project is fundamental


Business summits

Enbridge’s Business Summit draws overflow crowd