Open letter to British Columbians

Public hearings on the project began in January 2012. We invite you to learn more about the project and engage in the conversation.

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Economic Opportunity

Should the construction and operation of Northern Gateway receive regulatory approval, it will create a lasting legacy of local investment, tax revenue and jobs for the North, over and above the tremendous benefits created by access to new and growing markets for Canadian crude oil.



Economic Opportunity
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Benefits for British Columbians

British Columbians would see $1.2 billion in tax revenue alone - money to pay for education, health care and other valued programs

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Benefits for Aboriginals

Working with Aboriginal communities to ensure they have the opportunity to benefit from the project is one of our top priorities


Benefits for Albertans

Gaining access to Asian markets that pay a premium for oil is expected to fuel higher oil prices resulting in increased revenues to the provincial government and producers - an estimated $28-billion net benefit to the industry over the first 10 years alone


Benefits for Canadians

The economic spinoffs of Northern Gateway are tremendous - $270 billion growth to Canada's GDP over 30 years - a boost to be felt right across the country

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Benefits for communities and landowners

We work with communities and landowners to ensure we’re creating real benefits to those along the pipeline route


Education and training opportunities

Enbridge is committed to supporting aboriginal and other community members through funds for education and training to meet the technical demands of pipeline construction and operation jobs


Economic FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the economic benefits of the Northern Gateway Pipeline project


Northern Gateway tanker safety video

Shipping is essential for Canada's economy, shipping safety is essential for Enbridge Northern Gateway