Benefits for communities and landowners


Community Legacy

To create a lasting community legacy for the project, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Trust will be established to create real, tangible benefits to communities along the route.

We will work with a Community Advisory Board, comprised of Northern residents, who will make recommendations on how the funds can best be allocated to meet the priorities of local communities.

The Trust will be available to support community projects or programs in Education, Health and Safety, Culture and Community Leadership and the Environment.

Working with Landowners

Enbridge is committed to working constructively with landowners and tenants close to our pipelines.

As a landowner or tenant along our right-of-way, you should know that we are committed to managing our existing operations and new facilities with respect for you and your land.

We begin with a commitment to open and transparent consultation and communications with people who live along our pipeline routes.

This commitment to developing and maintaining mutually productive relationships remains during the construction and operation phases of our pipelines.

Our Public Awareness program ensures that residents, communities and local officials are all kept informed about all pipeline activities in their region.

For new projects such as Northern Gateway, we strive to ensure that we address all local concerns in the routing and installation of a pipeline early in the process. Our objective is to provide as much information as possible to communities in an effort to ensure the best possible route and an environmentally sound project.

Socioeconomic benefits


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    Hi Meloney, thanks for your comment.

    There's lots of good information on the Project on this website. We've also received a lot of media attention so there are many news articles you could review as well. This page will take you to many of those news stories:

  • meloney , May 06th, 2013 (2 years ago)

    hi im meloney im in grade 9 student im doing a project on the northern gateway pipeline my role is major and its for the pipeline i need some hint and tips and sites to help make my speech sound good i would be honoured if you would reply back thanks

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