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It is important to us that the local communities benefit the Northern Gateway Project through both direct and indirect economic benefits. One of the ways we can achieve that is by being as inclusive as we can in the hiring of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people for the construction and operation of the project. We want to ensure the local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal workforce is both skilled and work ready.

Once approved, construction on the project could begin as early as 2014.  Northern Gateway is focused on increasing participation in the pipeline and construction sectors before, during and after the project’s construction window. Northern Gateway has broadened its Education, Training and Employment Strategy to help local Aboriginal and local community members develop the essential and transferable skills necessary to work in the growing pipeline and construction sectors.    

This strategy remains in line with the key commitments we’ve outlined in the 2010 regulatory filing

Specifically, the Education, Training and Employment Strategy will:

  • Utilize the Northern Gateway Education and Training Fund to assist communities in funding shortfall training costs specific to the pipeline and construction sectors. 
  • Act as a “broker” who connects the local Aboriginal and local community workforces, both existing and emerging, to education, training and employment opportunities in the pipeline and construction industry.
  • Connect local Aboriginal and local communities with existing community-based education and training opportunities in the pipeline construction sector and associated funding.
  • Respect the uniqueness of communities while striving to ensure opportunities associated with education and training are fair.
  • Encourage local Aboriginal and local community members, especially youth, to consider the benefits of careers in the pipeline construction trades and other employment opportunities in the oil and gas industry.
  • Work closely with organizations that provide pre-employment education and training services as a means of building partnerships and relationships.
  • Educate communities about pipelines, the oil and gas industry and construction.
  • Build relationships with contractors and employers and identify ways for these organizations to train and increase the employment opportunities for a local and Aboriginal workforce.
  • Develop and enhance existing key communications materials which can be used by front line company representatives to explain the project to individuals and communities including school age children.

Education and training resources and links:

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  • Northern Gateway, Jul 15th, 2013 (1 year ago)

    Hi Mo,

    Jobs on the Northern Gateway project are posted to Enbridge's jobs website:

    Be sure to check out some of the links above too as they provide great information about the types of skills needed and roles for people interested in working in energy production and transportation.

    Good luck!

  • mo, Jul 09th, 2013 (1 year ago)

    looking to join the team to work anyone can help how and where to start

  • Pete, Feb 28th, 2013 (2 years ago)

    Would be very interested in knowing what training / chance of good paying jobs are available for my two son, 24,21 there are as well as for myself age 56

  • Bob, Dec 03rd, 2012 (2 years ago)


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