Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

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Every year, Enbridge prepares a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report on our economic, environmental and social performance. Here is the most recent Northern Gateway CSR report.

You can access Enbridge's most recent CSR information through the 2012 CSR website or by downloading a pdf of Enbridge’s full report.

Enbridge conducts our CSR reporting using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 sustainability reporting guidelines, which serve as a generally accepted framework for reporting on an organization’s economic, environmental and social performance.

We recognize that our CSR reporting is part of our commitment to transparency and that our reports provide important information to our various stakeholders. As such, we prepare our reports based on the following principles:  materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context and completeness.

If you have feedback about any aspect of our CSR reporting or performance, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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