Neutral Footprint Program


In May 2009, at Enbridge's Annual General Meeting in Toronto, President & Chief Executive Officer Patrick D. Daniel announced an ambitious plan to stabilize Enbridge’s environmental footprint at January 2009 levels. Enbridge’s Neutral Footprint commitments are the result of that vision. They are designed to reduce the company’s environmental impact where it is felt most: on the trees we remove, the natural habitat we permanently impact, and the energy we consume to power our operations, within five years of the impacts occurring.

Since announcing these commitments:

  • Enbridge invested $2.5 million in support of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s work to preserve and protect important and sensitive natural habitats across Canada. This investment will help conserve and care for more than 7,400 acres (about 3,000 hectares) of some of the best remaining wildlife habitat in Canada. Enbridge’s investment in NCC will enable it to meet its “acre for acre” commitment. Since January 2009, Enbridge has disturbed 1,346 acres (552 hectares) of natural habitat, and has helped conserve 3,955 acres (1,601 hectares). The surplus of 2,609 acres (1,056 hectares) will be applied to future project impacts.
  • By October 2011, Enbridge was generating almost 1,907 gigawatt hours of electricity through our renewable energy investments, including wind, solar and geothermal operations. Our generating capacity is continuously growing and is on target to meet our commitment.

You can learn more about Enbridge's Neutral Footprint program here, and read our 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility reporting on the program here.   



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  • Emily Fraser, Oct 05th, 2012 (2 years ago)

    I'm glad to see Enbridge making an effort to preserve and protect the environment. This is exactly what I was looking for on this site.

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