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Asian Pacific Post
Sep 19, 2013

Northern Gateway set to bring jobs to B.C.

Janet Holder, the executive lead of Northern Gateway, writes about expected economic benefits for British Columbia

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The Province
Sep 15, 2013

Michael Smyth: A look at the woman behind B.C.'s controversial Northern Gateway Pipeline

Columnist Michael Smyth outlines why Janet Holder is the right person to face the challenges of building Northern Gateway

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Vancouver Sun
Sep 15, 2013

Opinion: Northern Gateway committed to environment

Northern Gateway's leader, Janet Holder, says research and focus on safety are key parts of pipeline plans

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Vancouver Sun
Aug 07, 2013

Northern Gateway pipeline will protect B.C.’s environment

BC resident Janet Holder, the executive in charge of the Northern Gateway project, says using thicker pipe with dual leak detection systems will safeguard BC environment

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Globe and Mail
Aug 06, 2013

The world will not wait for Canada's oil

Sherry Cooper, former chief economist with Bank of Montreal, says new, safe and environmentally sound pipeline infrastructure is needed in Canada, and 'now'

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Washington Post
Jun 25, 2013

Diluted oil sands crude no more likely to leak from pipeline than other oil, study finds

A National Academy of Sciences study concludes diluted bitumen is safe for pipelines

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Vancouver Sun
Jun 25, 2013

Opinion: Enbridge offering First Nations along the Northern Gateway project’s right of way hundreds of millions in economic benefits, plus jobs

Northern Gateway President writes to explain how Aboriginal communities will be big beneficiaries of pipeline

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Financial Post
Jun 18, 2013

Canadian oil producers plead for Northern Gateway approval

On the second day of final arguments, oil producers pleaded for approval of the pipeline to permit them to access new markets

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Financial Post
Jun 17, 2013

Northern Gateway’s biggest risk to Canada is not approving pipeline: Enbridge

"You want to see an economic Black Swan for Canada?... How about a decision from the U.S. that it will no longer need Canadian oil?"

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Calgary Herald
Jun 05, 2013

Pipeline CEOs say they will work to restore public confidence around safety

Enbridge CEO Al Monaco outlined the company's committment to safety and our "path to zero" incidents at a recent Calgary National Energy Board event

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