Marine Safety

Study confirms Canadian tanker safety

Author: Northern Gateway - 4 July 2013

A new study, released late in June 2013, by IHS CERA, Assessing Marine Transport for Canadian Oil Sands on Canada’s West Coast, highlights Canada’s extensive experience safely moving oil to and from Canadian ports vi...

Understanding Gateway’s risk assessment work

Author: Northern Gateway - 3 May 2013

The purpose of the Project’s Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is to inform project construction and operational design; while we have spent enormous effort and resources modeling the possibility of an incident, our ...

Spill study inflates risk, misrepresents Gateway

Author: Northern Gateway - 26 April 2013

A study released today by Tom Gunton, of Simon Fraser University, comes to a flawed set of conclusions about the likelihood of an incident related to the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline.  Here is our position on the ...

Questionable evidence

Author: Northern Gateway - 15 April 2013

The environmental assessment of Northern Gateway is an expert-driven scientific process. Typically, the scientific evidence that is submitted in the proceedings is written and compiled by subject matter experts on a wid...

Strict regulations set course for tanker industry

Author: Northern Gateway - 27 March 2013

Experts at the Northern Gateway technical hearings say the tanker industry is a safe industry – and getting safer due in large part to world regulations that are getting stricter all the time. Keith Michel, one of Nort...

Exxon Valdez: 24 years later

Author: Northern Gateway - 25 March 2013

The Exxon Valdez incident was a tragic accident. No one wants to see it repeated—not the people of British Columbia, not the international maritime community and not Northern Gateway. Yesterday, the Coastal First Natio...

Polluter pays: it’s the law

Author: Northern Gateway - 20 February 2013

There is a well-established legal and regulatory framework governing pollution and the environment in Canada. On land and at sea the polluter pays. A recurring theme in the broad commentary around the Northern Gateway pr...

Gateway committed to marine safety

Author: Northern Gateway - 20 February 2013

Canada has an enviable safety record when it comes to transporting oil and gas on our coasts: oil spills have been driven downward from 18 in the 1980s to zero in the 2000s. Oil products have been safely transported alon...

Diluted bitumen in sea water – some basic science

Author: Northern Gateway - 6 February 2013

A lengthy discussion on the subject of diluted bitumen’s behavior in sea water took place in Prince Rupert this week at the Joint Review Panel hearings examining Northern Gateway’s marine emergency response planning....

Fisheries Liaison Committee

Author: Northern Gateway - 18 December 2012

Image above: fishing and shipping industries share Prince Rupert-area waterways Following in the footsteps of successful programs implemented on Canada’s east coast, Northern Gateway has committed to participate in th...

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