Pipeline Safety

It’s time to focus on the facts

Author: Northern Gateway - 27 June 2013

Unfortunately, we must write on our blogs again today to correct yet more misinformation—spoken as fact to the Canadian media—this time by Forest Ethics Advocacy’s senior energy campaigner Nikki Skuce. In a Canadia...

NAS study concludes diluted bitumen is safe for pipelines

Author: Northern Gateway - 25 June 2013

The National Research Council of the Sciences Academy, part of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), a major US-based scientific organization, released a report today confirming the findings of other scientific work on...

British Columbians deserve better than misinformation campaigns

Author: Northern Gateway - 30 May 2013

In an online campaign, the organization Leadnow is encouraging British Columbians to write Premier Christy Clark asking her to oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline at the Joint Review Panel hearings. We don’t take issu...

Marshall tour corrects spill misperceptions

Author: Northern Gateway - 10 May 2013

A group of leaders from communities along the Northern Gateway route joined Enbridge for a tour of the areas directly affected by Enbridge’s 2010 spill of crude oil into the Kalamazoo River. “Having worked all over t...

Report says dilbit not more corrosive than other crudes

Author: Northern Gateway - 26 February 2013

Diluted bitumen (dilbit) and synthetic crude bitumen blends (synbit) have been safely transported in pipelines for more than 20 years; pipelines are the safest and most efficient way to transport Canadian crude oils to m...

BC Government announces spill plan consultations

Author: Northern Gateway - 28 November 2012

The Government of British Columbia announced public and industry consultations alongside a plan to “develop world-leading practices for all land-based spill prevention and response.” Launching with a discussion paper...

New study confirms dilbit safe for pipelines

Author: Northern Gateway - 24 November 2012

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has confirmed that diluted bitumen does not present additional corrosion risks in transport pipelines in a study set to be posted to their website next week. If you’ve followed the pipe...

Going the distance to prevent spills

Author: Janet Holder - 6 November 2012

I want to share a few things with you about the crude oil pipeline industry. Despite what you have undoubtedly heard from various corners of the news media, pipelines are the safest, most economical, and most environment...

Understanding spill response planning

Author: Northern Gateway - 1 November 2012

There’s been some chatter in social media this week suggesting Enbridge has no spill response plan for the Northern Gateway pipeline. This suggestion is completely false. The chatter was started by organized activist...

Building a strong, safe pipeline

Author: Janet Holder - 1 November 2012

Recently, in this post, I wrote about the extra care and attention that have gone into the planning of the Gateway pipeline route. I’d like to tell you now about another largely untold piece of the Gateway pipeline s...

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