Enbridge Northern Gateway Welcomes NEB Hearing Order

Dated: 6 May 2011

On May 27, 2010, Northern Gateway Pipelines submitted its application to the National Energy Board in respect of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. A Joint Review Panel (JRP) was established by the Minister of the Environment and the NEB to consider the environmental impact of the Project and decide if it is in the public interest. In the Panel Session Results and Decision document of January 19, 2011, the Panel indicated it would issue a Hearing Order once Northern Gateway had submitted additional required information. The Panel has now issued that Hearing Order (OH-4-2011) outlining the procedures to be followed, and has decided that it will hold hearings starting on January 10, 2012.

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines welcomes the announcement and the scope of the public hearings, which clearly meets the widely expressed desire for a full and open review of the Project. This process was triggered by Northern Gateway’s application and the company remains fully supportive of, and committed to, a thorough public review.

“This is good news as the next step in a lengthy public process,” said Northern Gateway Pipelines President John Carruthers. “The JRP process is specifically designed to thoroughly test all our assurances, our safety procedures and our planning – in detail and in public. It enables everyone to have their questions answered and concerns addressed. An impartial, public regulatory process is the way Canada decides about projects like Northern Gateway, and it’s our belief that the more people know about what we’re proposing, our commitment to safeguard the environment, and the tremendous economic benefits for our entire country, the more supportive they will be.”

 Participation details and associated deadlines can be found on the JRP’s website at www.gatewaypanel.review.gc.ca.

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