Enbridge Northern Gateway files Opening Statement; Welcomes Start of Formal Joint Review Panel Hearings

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Aug 31, 2012

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project has filed the Opening Statement for the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project with the Joint Review Panel (JRP). Enbridge welcomes the start of the technical phase of the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel hearings in Edmonton on September 4, 2012.

“This will be the first opportunity for Northern Gateway to lend its own voice to this important proceeding,” said Janet Holder, Executive Vice President, Western Access, Enbridge Inc. “We are pleased to have the chance to share our extensive reviews, our economic studies and our findings from our consultations with the communities along the right of way. It is important to us that we address the concerns and show how we have considered the reservations that have been expressed in the hearing to date.” 

Since January of this year, the Joint Review Panel (JRP) has travelled through British Columbia and Alberta to hear the views of Canadians in both provinces regarding the construction of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. Starting on September 4th, the Joint Review Panel of the National Energy Board will hear direct testimony regarding the content of Northern Gateway’s application materials and written Information Responses.

Speaking from the statement, Ms. Holder said “Enbridge Northern Gateway believes that the concerns expressed by Canadians to date, and particularly by those living in British Columbia, can be addressed in a reasonable and responsible way.

Enbridge and the Northern Gateway project team firmly believe that there is a path forward that will, in the end result, provide a significantly improved quality of life for all Canadians, including Aboriginal Canadians, while protecting the environment. That path involves examining the facts and science upon which the Application is supported. This project can serve as a model for how Canadians can work together to resolve important issues and for Canada to become a world leader in sustainable resource development.”

Ms. Holder also emphasized Northern Gateway’s commitment to consultation and conversation as an enduring component of the Project’s construction and operation.

“We believe that there is and will continue to be a role that can be played by conservation organizations who have expressed an interest in this Project,” said Ms. Holder. “Should the Project be approved, we also look forward to renewed discussion as to how economic benefits can be obtained by coastal First Nations as well as Aboriginal groups along the pipeline corridor, many of whom have agreed to become owners in our Project.”

Click to read the full Northern Gateway Project Opening Statement to the Joint Review Panel.

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