Join the conversation: a message from Janet Holder, Executive VP Western Access

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Dec 20, 2011

An open letter to British Columbians:

My name is Janet Holder. I am a British Columbian and the executive responsible for leading Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project, which includes a pipeline that would deliver oil to Kitimat,BC for distribution to world markets.

If you haven’t heard of Northern Gateway, you certainly will. Public hearings on the project begin in January and I know they will generate significant attention, both positive and negative.

My purpose for writing this open letter to you stems from a deep personal and professional commitment to ensure that we respect everyone’s right to a fair say. We have a long tradition of listening to all opinions. For over six decades, it’s how we’ve done business and will continue to do business.

I invite you to engage in the conversation based on informed, knowledge-based opinions, which are grounded in balanced facts and realities. Enbridge encourages you to get involved and join what will be an unprecedented and critical discussion and debate.

We will help at every turn to listen and respond to your questions, or point you directly to places and people where you can engage in the conversation, whether in support or not.

All we ask is that you do so with a sense of fair-minded investigation, civility and a thorough grasp of the issues, some straightforward, but many complex.

We fully accept the responsibility of earning your trust and confidence regarding the high standards and expectations of this project. So begin your journey at our website, follow our blogs, follow the facts and join the conversation with us.

Janet Holder
Executive Vice President
Western Access
Enbridge Inc.

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