Tanker traffic in Kitimat

Over 1500 tankers carrying petrochemicals safely used the Port of Kitimat between 1982 and 2009

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Project Details

Enbridge takes pride in its long-standing reputation as a safe pipeline operator and socially responsible company. We have decades of experience in pipeline construction and environmental protection. We are committed to constructing and operating Northern Gateway to the highest environmental and safety standards to ensure environmental protection.




Project at a Glance

Project at a glance

The Northern Gateway oil pipeline will carry over half a million barrels of petroleum a day



The following outlines the anticipated timeline for the Northern Gateway project


Route map

The pipeline stretches from central Alberta to the west coast of British Columbia


Pipeline information and plan

The Northern Gateway is far more than a pipeline – it’s about creating economic opportunities, jobs and a brighter future


Marine information and plan

Northern Gateway will use the best people, technology and planning to ensure the safe passage of marine vessels


Regulatory consultation and application

Filing the application for regulatory review is an important step forward for the Northern Gateway project


Technical Data Review

Enbridge has filed numerous technical reports to regulators that form part of the rigorous application process


Aboriginal procurement, employment and training

The success of the project hinges on building partnerships with the surrounding Aboriginal communities


Working with landowners

The surrounding communities and landowners play an essential role in the development of the Northern Gateway project


Pipeline basics

Enbridge Pipelines has been building, operating and maintaining liquid pipelines for over 60 years, and gas lines for more than a century


Project FAQs

Our answers to some of the common questions on details of the project


Route video

You won't need a plane! View this animated flyover of the pipeline route.


Route safety

A team of over 200 environmental experts and scientists conducted a comprehensive analysis along the project route.


Marine safety video

This video explains the process for assessing the safety of the Kitimat marine terminal and tanker regulations