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  • Gordon Stiff, Dec 04th, 2012 (2 years ago)

    Your videos are excellently presented and should be widely distributed.I am a retired shipmaster who has sailed world wide for 30 years much of that time on tankers carrying about every petroleum product imaginable Most of these vessels were under the Norwegian flag as Norway had a very large tanker fleet.
    In the countryside close to where I lived at the entrance to the Oslofjord,Esso as the company then known as,now Exon Mobil,built a modern oil refinery which has recently celebrated it's 50th.year in operation during which hundreds of oil tankers from ULCC's to smaller coastal vessel having visited the Slagentangen installation without spills,groundings or any other mishaps.The surrounding district is farmland but the plant is hardly visible and I can never remember any environmental complaints.
    Another larger Norwegian petro/chemical complex was built at Mongstad on the West Coast where there is
    an even larger volume of ships traffic in waters much more confined and dangerous than the approachs to Kitimat.You are probably well aware of both of these examples which increased Norways living standard to become one of the highest in the Western world and this is a small country with a population a little larger than that of British Columbia !! British Columbians should realize the size of the market that the export oil petroleum from Kitimat is huge,so I hope that common sense will prevail and the project approved and built.As a footnote I might add that have sailed in and out of Kitimat with 45000 deadweight ton vessels many times having loaded aluminum at the Alcan smelter,and never had any misgivings about navigating the channel with the assistance of well qualified B.C Marine pilots

  • John Dabbar, Sep 12th, 2012 (2 years ago)

    Great to see Captain Aspland speaking on tanker safety. He is a safety leader and was a great mentor to me.

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